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Aquafy Water Technologies Inc. (Aquafy) offers emulsion polymer makedown and feed systems for the Municipal and Industrial water and wastewater treatment industries. With over 20 years of design and practical hands-on experience, Aquafy can offer innovative solutions for your polymer system project. The emulsion polymer makedown equipment is designed to efficiently prepare polymer solution with no polymer wastage. Enhanced process performance, reduced water and energy demand, and minimal chemical consumption are the direct benefits.

Our services include: Design Assistance, Preliminary Design and Budget Proposals, Detailed Design Proposals, Submittal Preparation, Submittal Review, O&M Manual Preparation, Start-Up, Commissioning, Training, and Aftermarket Service.


The Aquafy emulsion polymer system comes standard with: neat polymer metering pump, calibration column, injection check valve, mechanical dispersion chamber (see below), water solenoid valve, primary and secondary water flowmeters, primary and secondary water control valves, pressure gauges, static mixer, and control panel (see below).

Loss of polymer flow switches, mass flowmeters, neat polymer filters, tanks, mixers, scales, and other customer requested components are available as options.

All components are pre-mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired at the factory for a complete turnkey installation.

Mechanical Polymer Dispersion

The Aquafy emulsion polymer system uses a high shear dispersion chamber to effectively disperse the emulsion polymer into the dilution water. Completely independent of the dilution water flow rate, the high shear mixing energy is imparted onto the polymer particles at the moment of initial wetting thereby preventing the formation of agglomerations and "fish-eyes". By accomplishing efficient dispersion whereby the polymer particles are each surrounded by a layer of water, the hydration time is considerably shortened. The polymer particles are only exposed to the high shear energy for a very short period of time and only while in the "coiled" state. When the polymer molecules are uncoiling, exposing their charge sites, they are no longer in the presence of the high shear energy. The polymer makedown unit achieves approximately 80% of full polymer hydration. Further hydration requires the use of a day tank to provide further retention prior to feed to the process.

The Aquafy emulsion polymer makedown system uses a clear PVC dispersion chamber for corrosion resistance and to allow the operator to observe the mixing performance. The chamber is direct coupled to 3450 rpm motor, which provides the highest shear energy for maximum polymer dispersion. The mixing impeller was custom engineered for the intended application to optimize dispersion efficiency.


The Aquafy emulsion polymer makedown system has three available PLC based control options to suit most application needs:

1.) For direct feed applications where a variation in polymer feed concentration is acceptable, the neat polymer pump can be controlled automatically from a remote location. The dilution water is controlled locally and manually, which may result in a variable polymer feed concentration.

2.) For makedown applications feeding to a day tank, the dilution water control is set manually. The neat polymer pump paces to the water flow to maintain an operator specified concentration setpoint. The system turns on/off based on the level in the day tank.

3.) For applications where a constant polymer concentration is required for the process but direct feed is preferred, the control panel modulates both the dilution water flow and the neat polymer flow to maintain an operator specified concentration setpoint direct to process.

Control panel customization to suit the customers design and component preferences is also available.

Polymer Solution Feed Pumps

When the emulsion polymer makedown system is feeding to a day tank, Aquafy offers Polymer Solution Feed Pump Systems. Our standard offering is suitable for day tanks storing the final feed polymer concentration. The package includes progressive cavity pumps with run dry protection, pump pressure relief valves, pump overpressure protection, isolation ball valves, check valves, electromagnetic flowmeters, and a VFD control panel all pre-mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired for a complete turnkey system. When the day tank stores concentrated polymer solution, Aquafy offers a post dilution option to reduce the polymer concentration fed to process. Post dilution includes a water inlet solenoid valve, a manual water control valve, a rotameter, and a static mixer all controlled from the control panel. Adding a modulating water control valve, an electromagnetic flowmeter, and a PLC will allow this option to produce a constant polymer concentration to process.

The feed systems, which are fully customizable, can be built to customer specifications.

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