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 Water & Wastewater Industries


A revolutionary new analyser for simultaneously & selectively measuring nitrate & nitrite in fresh, saline and wastewater while delivering the accuracy and specificity of laboratory-based ion chromatography through novel patent-pending technology. Aquamonitrix offers real-time, high-frequency monitoring with instant alarms and alerts for drinking water, aquaculture & environment protection and enhances the understanding of nitrite and nitrate interplay to solve complex nitrification/denitrification challenges.

• Laboratory-quality accuracy and specificity
• The chromatography column separates out organics, colour & turbidity and acts as a trap for air bubbles, minimising interference
• Robust in fresh, saline and wastewater
• Ultra-stable calibration – no need to recalibrate even when moving from one matrix to another
• Fast, easy set-up – can be operated by mains power or with a solar/battery pack for mobile monitoring
• Easy to use, low skills requirements and minimal intervention needs
• Straight-forward, vendor-neutral servicing

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