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IMS has developed a line of standardized, pre-engineered, factory assembled odour control systems for treating odours at sewage pump stations and wastewater treatment plants. The MCS Carbon Based odour control systems are single stage, skid-mounted, dry media systems, designed for relatively lower odour levels and organic odours. The media may be virgin activated carbon or any of a number of specialty catalytic carbon media. Standard models are available to treat up to 1,400 cfm (2,400 m3/h) of odorous air. The BCS odour control systems are larger bulk media systems, designed for up to 6,800 cfm (11,600 m3/h) in a single carbon stage and up to 20,000 cfm (34,000 m3/h) in a dual bed system.

The I-BOx® Biological Oxidation System uses a two-stage process with a biological stage to remove 99% of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S), followed by an activated carbon polishing stage to remove residual H2S and organic odours. Standard models are available to treat up to 5,000 cfm (8,500 m3/h) of odorous air.

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