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Specializing in Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and pH measurement, Steltec offers both recirculating and once through control systems. Steltec developed the proprietary NTL control algorithm specifically for difficult to control once through applications where PID controllers are not suitable. NTL is designed to make control changes only after the passing of a calculated lag time thereby preventing the overshooting and undershooting phenomenon. Designed for long lag times (greater than 1 minute), variable lag times, variable flow rates, and a variable measured parameter, the NTL control algorithm will ensure that a steady setpoint is maintained.

The HL1 and HL2 ORP controllers are ideally suited for control of the chlorination and dechlorination processes in a wastewater treatment plant. ORP correlates much better to microorganism kill as compared to chlorine residual and the probes are less susceptible to fouling. By maintaining an ORP value within the disinfection contact chamber, a consistent and repeatable kill level can be achieved thereby eliminating the need to over chlorinate. ORP also sees both sides of the supply-demand equation making it a more suitable parameter to control. With 30 years of disinfection control experience, Steltec understands the process requirements, adding to the quality and precision of the controllers designed. Steltec carries a range of sensors, submersible sensor assemblies, buffer solutions and probe wash systems to support both their proprietary systems and legacy Strantrol® equipment. Steltec backs its products with expert technical support.

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